Wynyard Freeride Area


Wynyard Freeride Area

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Wynyard Bike Park is an old favourite with the Queenstown locals has 3 different areas and is constantly growing thanks to the QMTBC

Shuttle the popular DH track, get sendy on the dirt jumps of mini dream or big dream, or do the pedal up to McNearly Gnarly for the most flowing berm crazy blue jump line in town!

This area can be accessed from town however it is a bit of a climb. If you wanted to save your legs to maximize your time on the trails, QBT can take you there. We offer a One Way Transfer MTB drop off at the top of Wynyard Freeride Area or 1/2 day shuttle sessions!

Manicured jumps, machine built DH,
wooden features for days, berms to blow your head off,
the Wynyard Freeride park has it all.

Sponsored by the Atlas Beer Cafe and some what close to downtown Queenstown. This iconic area was hand built by locals long before we had lift access to the trails. It is here, on the legendary jumps that so many New Zealand freeriders train on a regular basis – Conor McFarlane, George BranniganEddie Masters, the legend Kelly McGarry and so much more.

Wynyard DH track

1.4Km of fast winding park style DH track. 226m of descent with the Mini Dream jump park smack dab in the middle. Play on jumps or keeping following the DH track down to the ’Million Dollar Berms’ which have been iconic for years in Queenstown. The trail finishes at the One Mile car park. Another quick shuttle to the top, and if you ride top to bottom you’ll just beat the van!

Mini Dream & Big Dream

2ft table tops, 8 ft wooden step downs, to 60 ft gap jumps, this Freeride park has it all. In the mini dream area you’ve got a picnic table to sit and watch the action. If you’ve got the guts to watch the top dogs hitting Big Dream, take a short walk up the trail. If you’ve got the balls – join them! QBT offers One Way Transfers if you want to play in this area and save your legs from climbing 200m from town.

McNearly Gnarly

The newest addition to the QMTBC trail network. 64 berms, 54 jumps this track has been specifically designed to eventually use no brakes and give those Blue riders confidence to step up their game. The Dirt Town Queens are frothing! – Boys look out 😉

1/2 day Wynyard & Remarks Shuttle Session

This 1/2 day package is $85 per person. If you’d like to make it a full day it is a total of $150 per person

Looking for bike rental? We’ve got you covered during your booking process!

This trip Includes:

  • Transport from Queenstown to Remarkables access road at 8am
  • 2 hours of shuttling the Remarks DH track
  • Transport from Remarkables back to Fernhill Queenstown
  • 2 hours shuttling the Wynyard DH track
  • After your 4 hour session you are left up top Wynyard DH to either pedal power to McNearly Gnarly, (there is no other way to get there) play in the freeride park of Mini Dream, or stroll over to Big Dream to watch the top dogs sending those 50 footers.
  • There is no need for return transport back to Queenstown as it is all downhill back to the CBD, however we are happy to drive you into town after your 4 hour session if you are not interested in playing in the freeride park


  • 8am Departure Queenstown from the Primary School in town on Robins Road
  • 8:20am start shuttling  Remarks DH Track
  • 10am departure to Fernhill Queenstown to shuttle Wynyward DH track
  • 12pm Finish shuttles to play in Free ride park

Additional options:

  • Make it a FULL DAY shuttle session to include the Rude Rock 1/2 day in the afternoon – $65

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