Rude Rock

Blue | Shuttle | $80 - 4 Hours

Rude Rock

2000 1333 QTBT

Rude Rock Bike Trail is 3 km of epic single track which flows down the contours and tussocky ridge lines from Coronet Peak base building to the top of Skippers Canyon.

Trail status: Closed until summer time

Description: Fast, flowing single track with some slightly exposed, steeper sections. The natural kickers can be as big as you want to send them. Less confident riders may find a couple sections challenging however do not let this detour you from giving it a go.

QBT offers a couple packages which include Rude Rock in our Shuttles: CP 1/2 day Shuttle Session or CP EPIC.

If you are after some pedal power

Build by Queenstown Mountain Bike Club

“Rude Rock would have to be one of the flowiest trails I’ve ever ridden, I never get sick of it either no matter how I might lap it out!”  – George Brannigan

Queenstown Bike Taxis offer Shuttles of Rude Rock with options to add in Skipper Pack Track and Zoot and Corotown.

$85 for 4.5 Hours or included in all MTB Packages

Fastest Time: Jimmy Ramsey

Fastest Rider: 4.56 (Chainless Race 2017)

Average Time: 5.30 – 6.00

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